Tooth decay is a reality for millions of Americans. In fact, the National Institute of Health reports that more than 90% of adults over the age of 20 have had dental cavities in their adult teeth at some point in their lives. When diagnosed early, we here at Lane Avenue Family Dentistry can address cavities with a simple filling that allows the tooth to remain intact, yet protects it against further decay. Today’s patients have more options than ever in dental restorations, including the choice between composite and amalgam fillings.

Composites vs. Amalgams

Most patients choose one of two different types of filling materials – composite or amalgam. Composites are made of a resin that resembles the color of natural teeth. When bonded to the tooth, they offer an inconspicuous solution that is virtually undetectable to the average person. On the other hand, amalgams are the silver fillings that have been around for many decades. Though durable and slightly more cost efficient, these mercury-based fillings are much more visible than their tooth-colored counterparts. Additionally, silver fillings require a larger amount of tooth structure to be removed for retention, whereas composites can be bonded to fit even the smallest of decaying areas.

Here at Lane Avenue Family Dentistry, our staff can help you make the choice between composite and amalgam fillings. More than ever, patients are choosing composite resin – especially for fillings in teeth that are highly visible when smiling, talking or eating. Composite fillings can be used in nearly any area of the mouth and can be modified to match the shade of surrounding teeth. Furthermore, advancements in modern dentistry have made today’s composite resins stronger than ever. Most will last years with daily brushing and flossing.

If you live in or around Jacksonville, Florida and have cavities or old silver fillings you want replaced with tooth-colored restorations, call our office to schedule a consultation today.