TMJ Discomfort

The temporomandibular joint, known as the TMJ, can be the subject of a range of disorders in the jaw and surrounding facial muscles, causing discomfort. The TMJ joint connects the lower jaw, known as the mandible, with the temporal bone of the skull, located in front of the ear. TMJ controls the position and movement of the jaw. Petrone Family Dentistry provides several treatment options for TMJ pain.

TMJ disorder symptoms can include:


Sleep Apnea Appliance

Petrone Family Dentistry can help sufferers of sleep apnea through the use of a specially constructed oral appliance that maintains an open airway during sleep. Our experience in oral appliance therapy gives us the experience to find the right fit for different conditions, mouth shapes and comfort levels. Oral appliances are easy to wear, and usually people become used to them within a few weeks. Oral appliances reposition the lower jaw, tongue and soft palate, stabilizing them for an open airway while also increasing the muscle tone on the tongue. If you or your loved one uses a CPAP and would like to hear about new options that could improve your sleep, please come in for a consult.

Emergency Same Day Service

If you are experiencing a dental emergency and need same-day service, call Petrone Family Dentistry at (904) 783-1422, option #1, and our professionals can make sure you are treated that day. This includes extending our hours to make sure we can be there to meet your needs. Don’t wait until tomorrow, if you are suffering from dental pain, have a broken tooth, or are having problems with a filling or implant, call Petrone Family Dentistry and be seen today.

Our Commitment

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