For decades, researchers have understood the importance of fluoride in preventing tooth decay and reducing tooth sensitivity. In fact, rates of tooth decay have diminished significantly in recent years thanks to public water fluoridation and other fluoride supplementation. Fluoride helps prevent mineral loss caused by acidic foods and drinks. As it replaces lost minerals, it also strengthens the tooth enamel, making it more resistant to cavities. Fluoride also prevents bacteria in the mouth from producing acid and eroding the teeth.

Fluoride Treatments in Jacksonville, Florida

Prevention is our first line of defense in promoting good oral health for our patients. At Lane Avenue Family Dentistry in Jacksonville, Florida, we believe that fluoride is nature’s cavity fighter and can be used to stop and even reverse decay. We have witnessed first hand the power of fluoride in making the teeth more resistant to decay for both children and adults. Regular fluoride treatments stave off cavities and repair the effects of early decay long before a cavity has the chance to form.

Despite the prevalence of fluoride in most public water sources today, many patients can benefit from additional fluoride supplementation, via prescription fluoride toothpaste or fluoride varnishes administered during routine dental cleanings. Prescription strength fluoride treatments have much higher concentrations of fluoride than water or over the counter fluoridated toothpastes.

When used under the supervision of a dental health professional, these treatments can not only prevent tooth decay, but also reduce areas of sensitivity along the gum line. Fluoride remineralizes small cavities in the teeth, meaning teeth no longer need fillings if caught early enough and fluoride administered.

Who is a Candidate for Professional Fluoride Treatment?

According to the American Dental Association, fluoride from public water supplies, varnishes, and prescription toothpastes are completely safe.  There is no evidence from any reputable source of any dangers associated with fluoride administration.

Fluoride can be used to prevent tooth decay in children, adolescents and adults. In fact, children as young as three may be candidates for fluoride varnishes or prescription toothpastes. If you have not talked to a dentist about professional fluoride treatment, contact our office to schedule a consultation today.