Regular dental cleanings are a great way to help prevent gum disease, stop bad breath, and maintain the overall health of your mouth. These visits also help remove the bacteria and toxins found in the oral cavity that irritate the gums, causing inflammation that may lead to gingivitis. Cleanings will also help remove the stains caused by tea, coffee, foods, tobacco and other habits that can make teeth look discolored. Another benefit to visiting your hygienist for routine cleanings, is the reduction of bacteria in the mouth that has been recently linked to heart disease and other conditions throughout the body. Every cleaning is an opportunity for our dental team to provide patient care, while keeping long-term dental health a priority.

Root Canals

A root canal is a procedure that can help restore the interior of the tooth to relieve pain and save your smile. Also called endodontic treatment, a root canal is necessary when the nerve of the tooth becomes inflamed or infected. A root canal saves your tooth by replacing the infected tissue with a rubber-like material, which is later protected with a filling and crown. From there, the tooth will function and feel like any other. A root canal can often be completed in one or two sessions and is a more comfortable experience than many people believe.



Crowns are restorations often described as “caps”, that cover and protect teeth. They are able to improve size, color, and shape, by surrounding tooth structure that may be broken or weakened. They are also used for dental implants or to attach bridges, which help replace teeth that are missing. Crowns are often made of porcelain, giving the natural white sheen of tooth enamel and providing a brighter smile. There are different types of crowns, including but not limited to, veneers which are very thin and highly cosmetic, inlays which are placed in between the cusps of the teeth, and onlays, which act to cover one or more cusps of a tooth but not all of the tooth. The dentists at Petrone Family Dentists can advise you on which crown option is best for your circumstances.


A dental implant is an artificial titanium root that is used to replace a missing tooth or several missing teeth. Once the implant has healed, a crown can be made that will look like the tooth is growing out of the gums just like a natural tooth does. Implants are often used for people who have lost teeth to injury, periodontal disease, infection, or other reasons. Implants can also be used to improve the retention of dentures. Generally, a good candidate for a dental implant has clean oral health, along with adequate bone structure in the jaw to support the implant. Healthy gum tissue that is free of periodontal disease is ideal for dental implants.


Filings are mainly used to treat cavities, but are also useful in repairing cracked or broken teeth. Fillings are sometimes needed to repair damage to teeth from daily wear or tooth grinding. Local anesthetics are used to numb the area around the tooth before a filling, where special drills are used to remove cavities. Different materials can be used in fillings, including porcelain, silver amalgam, resin, or even gold. Each have different advantages and can be evaluated by a variety of factors, including durability, strength, aesthetics and expense.



Petrone Family Dentistry provides the Invisalign system of clear braces for adults and juveniles, allowing for teeth straightening without the wires and brackets of traditional orthodontics. Invisalign trays are changed every few weeks to produce gradual teeth movement. Usually a full treatment will require 20 to 30 trays, for both top and bottom teeth, and treatment can often be completed in less than one year. Invisalign offers many advantages over traditional orthodontics, but it may not be right for all cases. Let the professionals of Petrone Family Dentistry advise you on the best system for you.

Teeth Whitening

A lifetime of tea, coffee, smoking and other habits can result in teeth that have lost their natural coloration. Trauma can also lead to tooth discoloration in many cases. Tooth stains can occur on both the outer, and inner layers, of tooth enamel. Petrone Family Dentistry offers a variety of services for tooth whitening. We use special formulas that are carefully applied evenly over the teeth, usually with trays custom made to fit your smile. One visit is usually enough to produce noticeably whiter results, but repeat touch-ups can ensure that you have a bright, healthy smile year-round.


Cosmetic Dentistry

Being happy with your smile can bring great improvements in self-confidence and esteem, letting you open up to people like you never have before. Cosmetic dentistry can give you the smile you’ve always dreamed of, from improving chipped, cracked and misaligned teeth, bridging gaps, and eliminating wear and stain developed over the years. For adults, cosmetic dentistry can serve as an alternative to braces by straightening teeth, creating a more uniform appearance.

Cosmetic procedures include:

Cosmetic dentistry can be right for you if:

You want a bright smile that everyone will remember!