Nearly everyone has something they want to change about their teeth, whether it is a minor imperfection or an old silver filling that is noticeable when you smile. Cosmetic dentistry has evolved dramatically in recent years, making it easier than ever to correct aesthetic concerns easily and affordably. One procedure – dental bonding – is particularly beneficial for patients who want to make small changes or repairs without relying to drastic measures to do so.

What is Dental Bonding?

Bonding is a term used to refer to the hardening of a tooth-colored resin onto the surface of the teeth. This in-office procedure is painless and simple, requiring only the use of a special light to achieve the targeted result. Once applied, the bonding material is indistinguishable from the rest of the teeth and takes on the appearance of a natural smile.

Here at Lane Avenue Family Dentistry, we use dental bonding for a variety of purposes and procedures. One of the most common uses is the inconspicuous treatment of decayed teeth, as tooth-colored composite resin can be used as a discreet alternative to dark-colored amalgam fillings. Bonding may also be used as an economical and simplified alternative to crowns when patients need treatment for a chipped or cracked tooth. Other uses for dental bonding are purely cosmetic, and may include closing unsightly gaps between the teeth, changing tooth shape, lengthening the teeth or even treating tooth discoloration.

What Should I Expect During the Dental Bonding Procedure?

The surface of the tooth is gently roughened to prepare it for the bonding process. When used for cosmetic purposes, there is generally no need for anesthetic, as this process is painless. However, you may be given an anesthetic if you are being treated for a cavity or a broken tooth. We then apply a conditioning liquid and select a resin color that most closely matches the color of your surrounding teeth.

As we apply the resin, it goes on like putty that can be formed to the tooth. Then, a special light is applied to cause instant hardening, allowing us to shape and polish the resin to blend with the tooth surface. The entire process is fast and typically completed in a single office visit lasting no more than 30 to 60 minutes. Though bonding does have some limitations, it is by far the easiest and most versatile cosmetic treatment available, as it is customizable to the individual needs of the patient.

If you are in search of an affordable and effective solution for your chipped, broken or stained tooth, dental bonding may be right for you. Contact our office to schedule a consultation and find out more about the benefits of bonding. We look forward to serving you soon.