Dental insurance is coverage specifically designed to pay for expenses related to oral care. Many people have group dental coverage through an employer or purchase an individual policy directly from the insurance company. They take comfort in knowing that each monthly premium ensures their families can get routine care and dental treatment with little money out of pocket.

Unfortunately, dental insurance is not always what it is cracked up to be. It is typically purchased separately from medical insurance – mostly because it works very differently than standard health coverage. In fact, when accounting for the cost of monthly premiums, most dental insurance plans fall short of providing the coverage that most patients really need to obtain affordable oral care.

Compared to medical insurance plans, dental policies typically have strict coverage limitations, long waiting periods and caps on annual benefits. Since dental insurance usually covers only some of the costs of dental care, patients are on the hook for much of the bill. Furthermore, the insurance companies decide if they deem a procedure “necessary” and may refuse to pay on a procedure even if it is needed. Also, many companies only pay claims for services from dentists in a preferred network of providers, limiting patient choice.

Is Dental Insurance Necessary to Receive Oral Care in Jacksonville, Florida?

Here at Lane Avenue Family Dentistry, we believe that everyone is entitled to quality, affordable dental care – regardless of insurance coverage. While we gladly accept many forms of dental insurance, we also welcome patients who are uninsured. For uninsured patients we offer the Lane Avenue Family Dentistry Discount Plan, which is inexpensive to purchase and offers a discount on all procedures. We never want patients to feel as though they must purchase a dental insurance policy to access affordable preventive care and treatment.

If you live in or around the Jacksonville, Florida area and are without dental insurance, you do not have to wait to see a dentist. We offer our discount plan as well as in-office payment plans that make the cost of oral care more budget-friendly. For more information about dentistry for uninsured patients, contact our office to speak with one of our helpful staff members. We can answer any questions you may have and help you get the affordable care you deserve.